About Us


Our therapy Mission

We strive to create  a supportive environment involving parents, therapist and the client. Whether your child has a minor speech or language problem or a more complex issue, we will develop a comprehensive individualized therapy program  to meet each child's needs. Therapist and parents work together as a team to facilitate the child's speech, language, feeding and overall communication development. Our primary goal is to support the family and improve the quality of life for our client's by providing services in a family-first, supportive atmosphere


Our Therapists

 Our therapists strives to provide our clients and their families the best possible environment to succeed in reaching there unique personal goals.  Whether you are visiting us in our New Braunfels office, Online, a Conference, or in a different State or Country, our goal is to make you feel like part of our family.

Our Staff at Crossroads Therapy Clinic values each of our clients' and consider it a privilege  to offer the the highest quality of Speech, Language and Feeding Therapy possible.

Meet our Therapists