Offsite Evaluations

Crossroads Therapy Clinic offers off-site evaluations for families who are seeking a specialist in the area of oral-motor-placement, feeding and/or speech.  We can provide our off-site evaluation when Renee is scheduled to be in your area for TalkTools Training.  In addition, Renee will travel to your location when there are several families (6 required) in an area.  We understand that traveling from home for specialized services is often difficult for our clients with special needs and their families.  These evaluations are offered as an alternative to traveling to our clinic for those same services.
A typical evaluation takes approximately 2 hours, and Program Plan Updates for families who have already had an initial evaluation takes 1 1/2 hours.  We encourage you to bring any team-members to the evaluation who may be assisting.  We will write an extensive program plan that will give you  step-by-step instructions for each strategy recommended.  We recommend that you bring a video camera with you to record the session for review of suggestions and techniques demonstrated during your appointment.  You will receive your program plan with 2-4 weeks after your meeting.  Families and team members are encouraged to contact the therapist with questions or concerns via email as there are working through the program, to ensure continued progress toward your speech and language goals.  We are here to help in any way we can.
Scheduling.  Once dates have been selected, you will be asked to make a reservation.  At that time you will be asked to provide the days and times that would work best for you, it there are multiple times available.  If at all possible you will be asked to provide three option for appointment times and number them in order of preference.  The therapists' itinerary will be based on a 'first come, first served" process.  You will also be asked to secure your appointment time with a credit card.
Insurance.  Please note, if you have insurance and your child has any history of feeding difficulties (gagging, reflux, choking, and food aspiration/pneumonia) or you have a plan that covers Speech therapy, the evaluation or program plan update may be covered.  We recommend including a letter from your doctor when your insurance paperwork is submitted.  Please be mindful that it is the families' responsibility to contact their health provider, as we can only accept payment directly from the family (in the form of cash, personal check, Visa, or Mastercard).
Cancellation Policy.  In an effort to be fair to all families who sign up to participate in an off-site clinic, a "21-day cancellation notification" policy has been established.  This means we require a minimum three week notice for any cancellation.  Since our goal is to keep costs down for the families, we make airline reservations approximately one month prior to travel so that we may take advantage of optimal travel fares.  If you are interested in an evaluation or program plan update and would like to reserve a spot, you need to provide a deposit at the time of your reservation with a valid credit card, expiration date, name as it appears on the card and address where the bill is mailed. Failure to cancel per our policy will result in a $150 charge to the credit card.  This policy is in place to avoid additional financial burden to the families that honor their commitment and are forced to assume an additional cost caused by a family that withdraws from the schedule.