Ms Renee has helped me so very much.  She helped to figure out parts of my mouth that weren't working with my brain and she's strengthening them.  Talking is becoming so much easier since she has been helping me.  I really love working with her. 

Robinson Turner

 11 years old

I have been very fortunate to have Renee Roy Hill as my daughter's Speech and Language Pathologist and Oral Motor Therapist. Ella (who has Down Syndrome) has clear speech that is typical for any child her age.  Her speech has developed on time and has allowed her to learn Spanish. Her mouth is beautiful, without tongue protrusion or drooling. she hasn't has a single episode of otitis media. I attribute this remarkable success to Renee's extensive training, her ability to teach parents how to implement exercises at home, and her passion for helping others.  

Dr. Julia Pewitt Kinder - Family Practice
For the last three years we've brought out son, Logan to Renee's clinic for one and two-week long intensive therapy sessions. Each time we are amazed at the remarkable progress made.  Logan's pre-school teachers and therapist are amazed at the progress Logan has made and I know it's because of Renee's unique program. It's like magic!
Camille Stokes - Logan's Mom

Our daughter, Abigail, was 4 when the therapist encouraged us to use a machine that she could use to communicate. It's free, they told us; insurance covers the cost. And, our sweet therapist concluded, if she isn't speaking by now, she may never speak. Fast forward to age 8. Our precious girl - so smart! - was barely saying one-syllabic words with lots of "m" and "b" sounds. Our neurodevelopmentalist recommended that we see Renee Roy Hill. Crossroads Therapy Clinic in New Braunfels is 9 hours away. That's a long drive with two little girls and a tired Mommy. What a difference it has made. Children with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) tend to have low muscle tone in their tongue, their cheeks, and their lips. Abigail could think the words; she couldn't get her mouth to cooperate.
Today, Abigail is 13. She's smart, funny, loves math (unless she hates it.), reading, cooking, being with other girls her age, and above all, she loves her Daddy. She leaves us notes saying, "I love you!" all of the time, and notes that say, "Mom! Don't eat!" on the chocolate cookies I'm trying to resist. Most importantly, Abigail can talk. She isn't speaking perfectly yet; we still have a way to go. But as I pick her up from piano lessons, the piano teacher recounts their conversations: "Abigail told me you're going out of town"; "Abigail said you've had company." At church, Abigail shares prayer requests and "praise reports."  When she slows down and speaks slowly, people can understand her. If she's excited and speaks in a hurry, they have to ask her to repeat it. But she speaks. And I'm so thankful she can! Renee, thank you for all you do!
Melissa Brawner
Benton, Ark.