Video Teleconferencing

Crossroads is offering live, video teleconferencing for clients who have had an evaluation or Program Plan Update by Renee.  She now offers this service because there is a benefit to continuous contact between the therapist and the family that is implementing  therapy programs either with a therapist that is new to oral placement therapy or a parent on there own. 
Internet Conferencing allows the family to have additional support between evaluations and program updates for families that do not live in New Braunfels, Texas. It provides families with the opportunity  to have Renee work directly with them (like having her right there!) to ensure they are implementing therapy correctly. It also provides for regular updates of the clients home program rather than waiting 6-8 months for a Program Plan Update. Requirement: High Speed Internet and an adequate web cam.  A test call will be done prior to scheduling to ensure connection and ensure that the  camera is adequate for the therapy session.  A hands-on evaluation with Renee with a written program plan is required at least one time a year.  Video Conferencing does not replace the need to work with a client hands-on. Once Renee has worked with a client and understands his or her skills, video conferencing can be used as support therapy for the family.